Heliopolis library constantly longed to be a lighthouse for enlightenment and civilization to reflect the valuable of science, culture and arts.


Publicize culture, knowledge and creativity.


Library for invent a vision.


  • Intellectual goal: The library is an active acquaintance core in society through its mission, which is Publicize culture, knowledge and creativity for all.

  • Educational goal: the library provides varieties of courses and activities to help the public to develop their information skills for lifelong learning.

  • Entertaining goal: the library is seeking to suggest in its schedule a different kind of entertaining activities.


Instill love of reading in children and young adults through attractive collection of reading materials and fun-loving educative activities.


Make Children and family accessible to a pleasant warm atmosphere where they are accessible to the largest and most peculiar collection of books and activities with the ultimate aim of acquiring knowledge.


  • Introducing library services to a widest community of children and their families all over Egypt.

  • Encouraging children to take reading and other library activities a life-time habit through presenting them to a wide range of programs and variable collections of interesting reading material.

  • Integrating new technology into the library while keeping valuable traditional activities that never go old despite the passage of time.

  • Providing the library with latest editions that always go in coherence with the school curriculum.

  • Creating a visually appealing place; quiet and beautiful that helps acquiring knowledge in interesting concentrating mood.

Heliopolis Association Catalog

About the library

The Opening of Mostakbal Library 7/7/1994. Al Mostakbal Library corner stone project was founded in 1992 in Gisrelsuesst. To become a cultural centerforeulightmentto the community. It includes a public Library for adults, Library for children and a language & computer center. It also has a showroom for Fine Arts and a roman theatre.


It was founded to become a source of culture and a gateway reflecting the role of libraries and its effect on the community.


The place allows knowledge to all of the community by providing to Library with all means of information, knowledge services as well as a variety of activities.


  • Support culture and help contributein spreading it.

  • Provide &facilitate the largest amount of information to the largest number of beneficiaries.

  • Offer services for the cultural and entertainment activities to all the community.

  • Improveintellectualand creative skills to allmember of the community.

  • Establish the morals and raise anew generation having the awareness&the ability to create a better future.

About the library

The Library aims to enable library leaders to gain the ability to know the priorities of life, to learn self-confidence and mutual respect through the library and to meet their cognitive, social, emotional and moral needs during different stages of development.


Raise Educated and creative generation.


The library seeks to take the children and adults of al Asmarat neighborhood to acquire moral values and intellectual capabilities to prepare positive, creative, productive child.The goal of the library is to realize its responsibility in accordance with its organizational priorities to carry out its duties towards itself and its family and society through its activities.


  • Disseminate the general culture among society members.

  • Resistance to destructive ideas and deviant behavioral phenomena.

  • Contribute to form the intellectual personality of the student.

  • Provide community members with self-learning skills.

  • Guide users to benefit from different information resources.

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